Mono Block Bridge Saw GBHW-500W/500L

  • Mono Block Bridge Saw GBHW-500W/500L
Mono Block Bridge Saw GBHW-500W/500L
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GREAT BASE (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L Mono Block Bridge Saw Machine is designed and produced by our GREAT BASE factory, China stone machine manufacturer, GBHW-500L/600L is an idea machine for granite marble slab cut to size , floor slab cutting, paving stone cutting, with cutter head horizontal 90degree rotating , cutter head tilting 45degree by single hydraulic cylinder, worktable up turning 85degree table to cut to size and receive slabs. GREAT BASE (GB machine) worked in stone processing machine industry nearly 20 years, our GREAT BASE (GB machine) different types stone processing machine working in more than 60 countries and we have several partners in different countries or area. We can provide professional solution and good service for all of our abroad clients about stone cutting, polishing, edge cutting, special shape processing.

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Easy installation with full function mono bridge cutter.

Introduction : Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L Automatic Mono Block Bridge Stone Edge Cutting Machine China, mono block type so easy for abroad install and operate . Adopts PLC control to set program for granite / marble slab cutting, cutting paving stone, cutting granite marble floor tiles slab, cutting countertop, washbasin, windows, cut to size slab processing. Two inverters for X, Y axis movements speed control, four pieces column and double cylinder up/down to get higher cutting capacity. Main motor drive the blade directly, cutter head can rotate 90degree horizontal and tilt 45degree to cut angle. Magnetic ruler calculate the cutting thickness , imported linear guide way in the right/left rails, with high precision .Heavy duty casting iron crossbeam, It is very important machine besides our GBQQJ series Granite Multi Blade Cutting Machine, GBLXM series stone polishing machine. Can work with our GBHW 5 axis CNC bridge Saw, 3 axis processing center to process countertop, wash basin , and other table tops . Very good for big and large granite cutting factory.





Main motor



18.5 or 22

Feeding Motor




Slicing Motor




Max.cutting size




Cutter head up/down stroke




Cutter head rotating angle

90degree and tilting 45degree

90degree and tilting 45degree

Table rotating angle

upturning 85degree

 upturning 85degree

Total weight


About 4500

About 4600







Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L China made Automatic Mono Block Bridge Saw for sale, is a highly automatic machine well built to perform various tasks in marble and granite processing. It is ideal for cutting gangsaw big slab into tiles, building stone into paving floor slab, wall windows slab, countertop slab cutting and big size slabs etc. It is mono block type, easy for you installation and try machine working, also smaller space required in stone processing workshop.


Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L granite marble bridge cutting machine, cross-beam is made of quality cast iron with high rigidity. It's good to adsorb the great pressure conveyed from machine blade generated during granite marble slab cutting process. The cast iron cross-beam has been granted thick walls to prevent shape deformation in the long years to come.

stone machine 

Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L 45degree Automatic Bridge Saw Machine ,Two V-shaped tracks have been machined on the top of the bridge saw machine cross-beam with small clearance to guide blade X-axis movement. Imported linear guideway and helical tooth gear and rack have been machined on the two rails in Y axis. These tracks are an insurance of the blade cutting in straight line. They are oil-bathed and covered with organ shield to prevent dust and water for well performance. Also imported magnetic ruler for calculation the cutting width. High precision.

Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L mono block bridge cutting machine , China cheap bridge saw, This granite cutting machine manufactured by GB machine factory, Blade lifting/lowering movements in the GBHW series bridge saw machine is powered by two hydraulic cylinders and guided by four chrome-plated steel up and down columns. Flexible limiting blocks are presented on cross-beam and blade holder for easy adjustment of blade moving range, vertical or horizontal, according to stone cutting purpose. 

Cutter head rotate 90degree horizontally and tilting 45degree


Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L mono block countertop kitchen top big slab edge cutting machine, China manufacturer, ,In the right end of the cross-beam are electric cabinet and control panel with LCD touch screen display. Cutting parameters can be set into the machine by control panel and then the bridge edge cutting saw machine makes automatic cutting according its PLC program setting. Two frequency converters are also used to enable the granite and marble edge cutting machine fit for cutting stones of different hardness and using blade with different diameters. If clients need, we also can add inverter for main motor so change the RPM of saw blade to suitable for different size circle saw blade cutting. Or suitable for different hardness granite marble stone cutting.

stone machine

Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L Automatic Bridge Saw Machine , The bridge saw machine table is hydraulic powered in a dimension 3200mm long x 2000mm wide, big enough for gang saw size slabs. It can tilt 85 degree for easy slab loading/unloading(all GBHW-400/600/800 bridge saw machine, countertop bridge saw, or GBHW-500L/600L mono block bridge saw, GBHW 3axis bridge saw, GBHW 5 axis bridge saw, CNC bridge saw machine ) and cutter head rotate 90 degree to make a slab all four sides cutting very easy.


Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L granite mono block bridge saw machine, The metal body of the bridge saw machine is inner lined with putty and well painted on the surface to protect from rusting. All thick electric cables are held by drag chain to ensure safety and long service life. With detailed electric diagram drawings so client can check the electric wiring and installation easy. Hydraulic tank and main electric cabinet both installed in machine.

bridge edge cutting machine

Advantage of GB machine

1)GREAT BASE products 90% is for export, we are China stone cutting machine manufacturer for sale, Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L mono block granite and marble bridge type edge cutting machine is widely sold to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA,RUSSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, BULGARIA , The structure of this machine is heavy duty, and produced for many years, with stable performance and high precision cutting, very good for big gangsaw slab cut to countertop, kitchen top, wash basin, table top and other slab.  


2)Great Base (GB machine)  Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L mono block granite and marble bridge saw cutting machine price cheap,adopting advanced world famous brand components in electric parts . 


Inverter (two pcs): JAROL, CHINA    

Or we can adopt the more higher cost famous brand electric parts according to clients requirements.

3) Great Base (GB machine) GBHW-500L/600L marble granite bridge cutting machine manufacturer, we have sold many places, you can see the working performance maybe near to you, just let send us email,we will suggest to you.

4) We are professional stone processing machine manufacturer located in XIAMEN, CHINA, nearly 20 years in stone processing machine industry, our machines are working in more than 60 countries, hot sale bridge saw GBHW series, best polishing machine GBLXM series, Multi disc stone cutting machine GBQQJ series, we can supply different series machines for small,middle, and big stone processing factory, including big stone cutting machine, block cutting machine, granite stone cutting machine, auto stone polishing machine, floor polishing machine, bridge cutting machine from China, marble bridge saw, granite bridge saw also can suggest clients the most suitable for him. we know what kind service need for our abroad clients. Professional service and timely after service is very important for abroad clients. Great Base (GB machine)GBHW-500L/600L mono block granite and marble bridge stone  cutting machine is the most common and widely use hot sale bridge saw machine , very suitable for granite marble tiles edge cutting.

More detailed machine parts photos:

bridge cutting machine

Machine finished and testing

Cutter head structure, cabinet and hydraulic tank installed.

bridge cutting machine

Control panel


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1. Do you have more stone machines?

Yes, we can produce all series of stone processing machines with competitive price and high quality.

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We don't have agent as we all sell directly to our customer, in this way, the customer can get lowest cost.

3. How much is this machine?

Please tell me your stone is granite or marble, the size, your destination port, so that I can quote you best price.

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Normally it takes 30 days to produce our products.

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