Gantry Type stone cutting machine

  • Gantry Type Stone Cutting Machine GBLM-2200/2500/3000/1600

    Great Base (GB machine) GBLM-2200/2500/3000/1600 Gantry Type Stone Cutting Machine is manufactured by our GREAT BASE factory, mainly used to cut granite (also marble, sandstone,artificial stone )blocks into slabs. GBLM-2200/2500/3000/1600  is a single blade stone cutting machine with worktable. It’s ideal for cutting art stone, tomb stone and monument stone that may need cutting in different angles. GREAT BASE (GB machine) worked in stone processing machine industry nearly 20 years, our GREAT BASE (GB machine) different types stone processing machine working in more than 60 countries and we have several partners in different countries or area.We can provide professional solution and good service for all of our abroad clients about stone cutting, polishing, edge cutting, special shape processing and etc.

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